After KGF-2 NFTs, would any South Indian movie enter NFT

After KGF-2 NFTs would any South Indian movie enter NFT
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A term unknown to many until recently has recently been highlighted in the news and emerging technology trends: the metaverse.

The Non-Fungible Token or NFT is a digital token that is minted on the blockchain. Blockchain security ensures their uniqueness. Indian moviemakers are trying to tap into their exclusivity to attract viewers. The use of NFTs to promote movies has become increasingly popular in recent years. The Indian creators are now able to tokenize and sell 3D animations with multi-D NFTs.

Besides creating quite a buzz in Indian cinema industry, KGF Chapter 2 was the first to generate a lot of buzz in the metaverse. Within the first 10 minutes of the sale, as many as 500 NFTs were sold. It seems that a new record will be set by a South Indian superstar in NFT sales, soon. NFT companies from Singapore and Dubai are turning heads towards South India to bag the NFT and Metaverse license for a Pan India film, that will be released soon. Who is that star and which is that film?

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