Baby Blobs – An NFT That Grows With You

Baby Blobs - An NFT That Grows With You
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Non-Fungible Tokens have been the rage for the past few months. Digital artwork, GIFs, music and even pictures that can be made available digitally are something that one can purchase with their cryptocurrency. However, based on the rarity of the NFT, people can make a profit as they trade.

Unfortunately, the market has been flooded with too many fakes, and a lot of people trying to make some money and disappear the first chance they get.

Enter, an ambitious team that understood how to make sure that people get the best of what they invest in.

Blobnimation – There’s a lot of NFTs out there like GIFs, making it harder for people to counterfeit them and copy them, but the developers of Baby Blobs believe in offering the best, so they went one step further. They made their NFT interactive through HTML. Play with them with your cursor, squish them and make them bounce. A digital stress ball that doesn’t cramp your hand.

Baby Blobs - An NFT That Grows With You

Blob Rarity – Baby Blobs are divided into 4 tiers, each representing the rarity of the Baby Blob artwork.

Tier 1: A simple background with a non-patterned or gradient blob.

Tier 2: Patterned background with a patterned or textured blob.

Tier 3: A unique hand-drawn blob and its variations with a hand-drawn background that compliments the blob.

Tier 4: Unique one of a kind blob and a unique one of a kind background that is specific to that blob alone.

Baby Blobs debuted on Solana, one of the fastest-growing blockchains in the cryptocurrency market, being able to process over 50,000 transactions per second. To top it off, Baby Blobs is the first interactive NFT in Solana history. Imagine having the first coin ever made, the first car, the first painting or even the first computer. Solana is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies and Baby Blobs has created history by being the first to introduce themselves in its market as something that engages you. Remember the time when we thought crypto wasn’t going to work out? With Baby Blobs, people really don’t need to doubt themselves.

Blobartwork 150 unique backgrounds, 1000 different bases and 60 distinctive faces ensure that what you have is special enough for people not to mistake it for a dupe. None of the blobs ever repeat, so every blob you mint is your very own to love and play with. There’s plenty of doodles out there of various distorted primates, flora and fauna, and sure, there was an effort taken in their creation, but we can agree that Baby Blobs has scored staggering numbers.

Baby Blobs - An NFT That Grows With You

Blob Validity – Are these something worth investing time, money and energy in? An amazing company called FTX exclusively launched Baby Blobs on their mint day, bagging them before any other company could make an offer. Various NFT influencers and the CEO of FTX have tweeted about them, and their own exclusive Blobs. A successful charity campaign was executed, with an exclusive Baby Blob being auctioned.

There were multiple measures taken to ensure that Baby Blobs would be something that people didn’t just purchase to flip, but, something that could be kept, interacted and played with or even held as an investment over time. However, they did face multiple issues with their launch and their mint. This created a bad buzz amongst a community of NFT flippers. People minting Baby Blobs wanted more that made sure that holding onto these amazing pieces of digital art history would give returns quickly.

The Developers have decided to pause the minting, bring in more interactive features, and introduce background stories. Community relations may not be the top priority to a lot of NFT artists or developers, but the Baby Blobs team is here to flourish with those who mint a piece of crypto history and most importantly, they’re here to listen.

For those who have been lucky enough to mint a few Baby Blobs before the mint pause, congratulations will be in order as they grow over time, and for those who decided to continue with digital artwork, flora, fauna or primates, give Baby Blobs a try, they’ll grow with you.

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