Babyaggu – the cutest baby on gram

Babyaggu - the cutest baby on gram
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While other moms were busy hiding their babies from the evil eyes of the world, baby Aggu was making headlines on social media. This mini influencer has been winning hearts of his followers with his charm and cuteness. He takes pride in being the pioneer in baby influencing world.

His Instagram bio speaks the story behind his name -‘Aggu’ was the first word he uttered and that’s how he got his sweet name. It certainly is unique and gives him a definition and identity. Baby Aggu is now an established brand in itself.

At this young age, baby Aggu has imprinted his identity on social media widely, earning many of his firsts over the course. He is the first baby influencer to be featured on Viral Bhayani’s Instagram page. He is the first Indian baby to be featured on Just Baby Page which is an international and widely acclaimed baby page over 8 million followers. Apart from this, he has been generously featured on many famous media publications including, spot, republic, I Pop Diaries, Yahoo News, Dailyhunt etc.

Aggu being one of the favorites for many brands, keeps on getting offers for ad shoots and brand shoots, but his parents aren’t quite ready for such an exposure yet.

He has been an inspiration for many new and upcoming baby accounts on Instagram. And they love to see his posts every day. Aggu’s mother has been an avid instagrammer and has an active Instagram account. She makes sure to post regularly and keep her followers engaged and entertained. She also shares glimpse and tips of parenting and styling. The pictures of baby aggu and her mom, twining together are a treat to the eyes.

Apart from being a fashion icon, Aggu is a very bright child. He is a quick learner and has an excellent grasping power, which leaves his followers awestruck. With his wit and intelligence he keeps them hooked and entertained. His mom, who handles Aggu’s social media, does make sure to post stories about Aggu’s homeschooling, online classes and DIY activities thereby guiding new moms about parenting and child education. The reviews that she posts about baby products are unbiased and honest. Her reviews about baby goods like toys, food, clothing, essentials, etc. have proven to help many parents who follow them religiously.

Baby Aggu and his mom make a great team are truly a wholesome package of cute baby shoots, amazing products reviews, parenting tips, mom and baby fashion etc. With the little that they have done over social media, it has immensely influenced many parents in a positive way to overcome their fears and document their babies’s cute milestones and create memories for lifetime.

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