Diquery Co-founder Shonell Thakker redefining horizons for Digital

Diquery Co-founder Shonell Thakker redefining horizons for Digital

Shonell Thakker, Co-founder & CEO of Diquery Digital

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We often hear stories of women leading brands, but this tale is something different. This is the story of a woman who never made herself fit in a certain shape, rather allowed herself to take the shape of the mould she was put into. So, instead of defining a particular career path for herself, she went with what destiny offered and made the best out of it. Having worked for brands like Disney UTV, 20th Century Fox, Excel Home Entertainment, among others, this woman has a great variety in her content-expertise area. She filled a clean slate with the colors of integrity, discipline & sheer hard work. She is confident, unapologetic & truly sets an example for many.

She is Shonell Thakker, the Co-founder & CEO of Diquery Digital. A firm that has helped businesses sustain during this pandemic. Diquery Digital is a new-age digital media marketing firm that paints your business goals with colors of innovation and gives you ways to interact with your desired target audience.

When the COVID-19 crisis led to shutting stores & workplaces overnight, businesses suffered an unseen downfall. However, things started to move quickly, and people adapted to the new normal. This new normal saw a massive surge in the digital audience. Although this transformation was already in place and was mostly a “5-10 years in future” plan for many, the pace picked up & businesses had to move digital to survive. As a result, businesses that had not changed much in 50 years changed more than ever in the last year.

Shonell leveraged her digital power and rescued myriads of businesses from falling apart. Her years of expertise in helping brands reach their audience creatively revived these businesses.

She has done a brilliant job in bursting the myths regarding a digital presence. When people hear about going digital, things that come to their mind are social media, new “modified” business plans, digital business models, enabling digital technologies, digital transformations, etc. But people don’t talk about how to implement them. She says that it’s not like all businesses can follow a common user manual and just poof. You go all digital! Every business requires a unique way of implementation & a specific set of steps leading to their success.

Shonell believes that a digital presence gives your brand an ideal platform to communicate with consumers. It offers you the chance to separate the narrative on who you are as a brand. Something beyond your website, your digital presence expands to all the touchpoints a consumer may have with your brand online. While this does surely incorporate your website, it can also incorporate areas outside of your control, such as conversations about your brand on social media and online audits, to name a few. She emphasizes that to put your best foot forward before consumers, you should consider acknowledging all aspects of your brand online.

According to a Salesforce study, 85% of consumers research before they purchase online, and among the most utilized channels for research are websites (74%) and social media (38%). Consequently, organizations need to have a successful online strategy to increase brand awareness and development.

Having a substantial digital presence can increase consumer awareness, yet it can also reinforce your brand by developing your credibility. In addition, since consumers will probably research your brand before making any monetary commitments, they will naturally expect to discover your business when they search online.

This is why and how Shonell helped brands stand tall and proud. And as she says, “To me, the world of marketing and branding is sacred. Digitalization is a way of our lives now, not just a trend. If done right, incorporating the Digital ecosystem into one’s business can bring about phenomenal transformations. The key factor is to focus on quality rather than quantity.”

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