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Mohamad Attal

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Mohamad Attal is an entrepreneur, Model and an amazing Arabia Pop Music singer. Presently this Maverick Entrepreneur is at the heights of success that any singer dreams about. His latest single Kawkab which was released on YouTube last month has also gained lots of appreciation worldwide.

He had a tough childhood and never had anyone to count on in the whole music industry. It was Mohamad Attal himself who constantly worked towards his dream. Entrepreneur Mohamad Attal has a brilliant touch in music and simulation along with singing.  He uploads his latest releases on the YouTube platform, Deezer, Spotify, Anghami and a number of other platforms and has been widely successful in the Arab world.

Presently Entrepreneur Mohamad Attal is the most popular Syrian Arabian artist. His first album “Die on you” was a commercial hit, it gained him millions of song subscribers over the internet and mobile tunes. Better known with the songs: “bmwot alayk” (2017), “Take Me Away” (2018), “Yalli Khatto Mahboubi” (2018), “Ya Hayat El Roh” (2019), “Ana Weyak” (2019), “Mustawe Fiki” (2020), “Achek Bachek” (2020) “Maaol ensak” (2021), “3am Bet3alla2 Feeky” (2021), “Wayn Zikrana” (2021) and “Awal mara” (2022), Ace Entrepreneur Mohamad Attal’s first-ever studio release was in 2017 and has since received similar success. From his childhood, he was fond of singing. He had a strong and multi-colored voice that sang tarab, folk, romantic and rap and received support from his parents and friends to pursue his talent. Since then Entrepreneur Mohamad has been working on his upcoming projects. His music videos are starting to make way into the best standing in the daily top chart that measures the best Syrian-Arabian musicians.

With more than 206k followers on his Instagram profile Entrepreneur Mohamad Attal is very active on his social media platforms. Along with his handsome and appealing pictures, he often shares his singing videos and updates from his personal and professional life on Instagram. He is an artist who is a believer of hard work and consistency and this is why he was able to build a great name for himself. “To be successful is one thing, but the responsibility that success comes with, is quite hard to deal with. I believe dreams do come true but you will have to work hard to make the reality your routine. If you fail to do so the success will disappear like dreams disappear the day after.” shares Entrepreneur Mohamad Attal.

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