Plants Kharido initiates operations in Gurugram: prepared to take Delhi NCR by storm from World Environment Day

Plants Kharido initiates operations in Gurugram: prepared to take Delhi NCR by storm from World Environment Day
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A Delhi-based agri-tech start-up, Plants Kharido, kicked off its operations in Gurugram on Wednesday morning, claiming to offer a plethora of 3000+ plants with the fastest delivery in entire India within 2-4 hours of order confirmation in a single click! For the unversed, Plants Kharido acts as a bridge between plant lovers and nursery owners by enabling their customers to get in touch with nurseries and plant sellers in their neighborhood.

After successful runs in Gurugram, they are all set to expand to the Delhi NCR region from 5th June, leveraging World Environment Day to attract new customers. The company asserts that they have strived for excellence by building a network of 40+ stores that covers Delhi NCR and neighboring urban spaces, including Ghaziabad and Gurgaon, to materialize their claims of being the 1st agri-tech startup to provide the fastest delivery services in India. To ensure that their deliveries are eco-friendly and climate-conscious, the company has collaborated with Zypp, an electric scooter rental, and delivery app.

“The success of the trial runs in Gurgaon will enable us to chalk out a plan to boost our business all over the Delhi NCR region and ensure timely deliveries. Being the second biggest technology hub in India, Gurugram constitutes a tech-savvy population with a higher rate of acceptance for new products and start-ups. This will ultimately help us get constructive customer reviews, guiding us in improving our services along with prepping for Delhi NCR operations. All-in-all, with the launch of operations in Gurugram done right, our team can not wait to conquer Delhi NCR”, said the Operations Head, Shivam Tiwari. 

In conversation with Ankit Panday, the Digital Content Head of Plants Kharido, he said, “Our team is working day and night to build effective digital marketing strategies around World Environment Day for the launch. These are prepared after careful analysis of customer feedback obtained from regular surveys and questionnaires. We will not stop until we achieve our aim to replace plants as the perfect gifts on all occasions from birthdays and anniversaries to house-warmings ceremonies, instead of traditional gifts. After the pandemic, indoor plants have become a simple, low-maintenance way to bring nature indoors and serve as reminders of nature’s beauty and the need we have for it in our lives. For this reason, we are very excited to serve our customers and bring smiles to their households. The fortune of seeing the happy faces of our customers is indeed an added bonus!”

Now, only time can tell if this company will be able to achieve what it set out for. Nevertheless, as flag-bearers of change with their substantial claims, they surely have taken the agri-tech industry by storm. Now, who knew that a small home project named Foodiebay from Delhi will turn into Zomato, an international restaurant aggregator, available in 24 countries – totally changing the food culture and industry! Maybe, Plants Khardio too will become the pioneers by changing the shopping culture and will be cited as a quintessential agri-tech business in the coming days.

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