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Mumbai, (Maharashtra) [India]: India has seen a rise in its skilled population with more and more students with hireable skills, yet not even half of the total students are employable despite having degrees. As many as 53.8 percents of students are unemployable in 2022 according to India Skill Report 2022. While this is a rise, it is still less than the pre-pandemic numbers. As many as 45 percent of the recent MBA holders are still not seen as employable by companies.

There are many MBA colleges in India that promise the highest quality of education and discharges any vulnerable remark made for and to them. But what about when it comes to a Job Placement? Why do they go silent? Why do they turn the tables around? Why do they not clear it out? Because many of these MBA colleges promise a great deal and provide a least one.

Viven Eduversity, have proudly and openly come forward to announce 100% job placement offer to each and every student. Viven Eduversity is a group of MBA colleges based out of Maharashtra, Mumbai that believes in offering a remarkable path of entering management studies with the help of intensive courses, strategically planned subjects, learning’s from industry experts, intentionality of practical experience and with the environment-friendly campus.

How does our 100% job placement helps student?

  1. It helps students earn Moolah with best packages right after they complete their education which in turn helps to live an independent life in their choice of field.
  2. It ensures to create a network of successful alumni-student relationship associated with top university as it becomes easier to connect with a professional of the given field.
  3. This builds trust into the student for the university beforehand about them being able to crack a great job by the end of their course and so it results into them being more attentive and productive in their studies.
  4. The students are carved in such a way that they are made sure to be industry ready in order to give justice to the job they are being placed into.
  5. Getting a job placement from a trusted university helps to gain higher respect and authority in the industry and on the ground which helps to maximize the effort power from both employee and company side.

If 5 reasons are not enough, get in touch with Viven Eduversity to know more.

Apart from offering 100% job placement, the fee to enter Viven Eduversity is very minimal and affordable. To know more connect with the counselor at +91 7045555255 or visit their website

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