Art and technology converge in Chennai, Diplomats from Delhi Facilitating a Grand Cultural Exchange with artist AP. Shreethar and scientist Vishnu Prasad

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A distinguished group of ambassadors and diplomats from Canada, Malawi, Lebanon, Jordan, Mongolia, and India visited the capital city of Tamilnadu, Chennai on July 11th, 2022.

The group, comprising of Kapil V Malhotra, H.E Leonard Senza Mengezi, Ziad Koussa, Moh’d Kais Mufleh Albatayneh, H.E Ganbold Dambajav, and Gaurav Gupta, were officially invited to pay an additional visit to artist AP. Shreethar’s Painting Studio and Hyper-Realistic Sculpture Studio; alongside scientist Vishnu Prasad’s Research Centre.

The ambassadors and diplomats were led on a guided tour by AP. Shreethar, The Museum Man of India, through a highly acclaimed curation of interactive paintings and hyper-realistic sculptures with modern robotic features. They were also introduced to the artist’s latest project – The Museum of Lisa, a multi-zone museum dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. The works of the contemporary Indian creator inspired conversations about potential artistic pursuits in the ambassadors’ home countries and were met with great appreciation and praise.

The meeting with the founder of Click Art Museum and Live Art Museum was followed by a visit to the Vishnu Prasad Research Centre in Chennai’s Nungambakkam. Scientist Vishnu Prasad introduced the group to the centre’s nineteen primary departments and the innovative focal points that are unique to each category.

They include Agriculture, Virtual Reality, Aerospace, Construction, Meditech, Fuels and Energy, Robotics, Sustainability Technology, Bio-Medical and Genetics, Defence, Software, Solar, Ocean Cleaners, Water, Consumer Electronics, Waste Recycling, IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), Transportation, and Material Sciences.

The ambassadors were presented with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the centre’s most recent inventions (in the process of development) and famous ventures, namely – vertical farming, smart farming, bio-recycling, pollution towers, drones, and advanced materials.

The agenda for the day was inclusive of a trip to a vertical farming plant and the Laboratory Experience Centre where the group engaged with industrial robots, robotic arms, robot rovers, heat reduction paints, bulletproof materials, e steel, solar panels, and super insulating material.

Ambassador H.E Ganbold Dambajav noted that water cleaning was a significant issue in Mongolia and expressed his interest in collaborating with the Vishnu Prasad Research Centre in finding sustainable solutions for the future.

In a similar vein, Ziad Koussa stated that the demand for electronic and solar powered vehicles were at an all-time high in Lebanon and looked forward to working with the Indian centre on the production of such vehicles. On a concluding note, Jordan’s Moh’d Kais Mufleh Albatayneh went on to discuss their options for leading his nation through the route of sustainability.

This fruitful visit ensured the establishment of peaceful international relationships and facilitated the beginning of a grand cultural exchange.

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